Nooby: Who am I?

Hello! My name is Nooby! I mainly go by "Noobbyss", But I feel like "Nooby" is easier to say.

I'm just your average person in this planet.
I enjoy cooking, making games, playing games, and all that other stuff.
My OC is a duck, from the game "Duck life". NOT a penguin.
I managed to create it because in the fourth game, I put a series of clothes on it. And it kind of resembled a detective.

I'm usually online a lot on weekends, breaks, and any holiday stuff.
I also like listening to music, and because of that, I'm mainly a rhythm game player.
My usernames back then was "1xxXPhoenixXxx1", and in my account, it was "Soul Undertale". But I rebranded to a sleeker and simpler design. like "Nooby".
Even though my oc is a duck, I am NOT in ANY way apart of the furry fandom.


What im currently working on

More Castle decks, updating decks, & "Super Castle Clash!" (Smash bros fangame made in Scratch. Featuring castle users.)

Here are games that I enjoy, and are my favorite.

heav /
Super smash flash 2
Rhythm games
Duck life
Scratchin' melodii
Parappa the rapper
Rhythm heaven
Nintendo games (Mario Kart 7, NSMB series, and Smash brothers. That's all I can recall.)
Crab game
Geometry dash
Bloons TD 6
Fun run 3
Interactive Google doodles
Super cat tales
Roblox (I don't play it that much anymore) (got shut down)

Check out my castle decks!


(Hover over the images for credit)

All I have to say to you. Have a great day!!